Weird Restaurant

I remember that time we went to a really wierd restaurant. My mom was not astute for picking that restaurant. Prior to that day, we were scavenging through websites to find a good restaurant and my mom urged us to pick the restaurant she wanted. When they gave us a table and got the menu, we noticed that the delicacy was something called “Dragon Foot Soup”. It a sounded like a figment from a mythical story. My whole family ordered the soup, but when they brought it to the table, it looked like a bird without plumage. My family devoured the food, but I made a derogatory comment towards the waiter about the look of the food. The waiter looked like a predatory man because his face looked mean and dangerous.


After I ate the soup, I noticed that my stomach was vulnerable towards the ingredients of the soup. I asked the waiter what ingredients they used to make the soup,   and he told me that they had to slaughter a lot of pigs to be able to make it.  They also had to get a hero and send him on a quest to kill a dragon and return with one of his feet. Then they chopped it up and put it in the soup. I asked my mom if my allergy to pigs was authentic, and she said yes. So, is turns out, that I am allergic to pigs. I felt so bad that I stumbled ungainly to the bathroom, clutched my stomach, locked myself in complete solitude, and barfed.

This was the worst restaurant experience that I have ever had in my life.


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