Cadillac Stolen by a Juvenile Puerto Rican Delinquent


“This image was taken by the police after they chased the Cadillac down an alley. The Thief was a young Puerto Rican man who had stolen the car from the owner and crashed it into a lamppost.”

After the police received the news that a person’s yellow Cadillac had been stolen near Mango Street, they sped through the streets, trying to find it. Then they saw a yellow car driving around the block. When the police started chasing the thief, the Cadillac stopped and dropped off the passengers and then drove away as fast as he could. The thief made a sharp left turn and crashed into the lamppost and came out of the car with mild injuries. The police arrested him on the spot.


Questioning my own Bias.

After chasing the Cadillac down an alley, the police have finally caught the driver. They were chasing the Cadillac down an alley on Mango Street. Suddenly it did a sharp turn and crashed into a lamp post. A witness says that they saw the driver giving a ride to a group of children around the blocks at least 6 times. Then, the children jumped off and the Cadillac started driving away. They pulled the driver out from the crash, sustaining small injuries such as a bloody lip and bruised forehead. He was arrested on the spot. The driver turned out to be a Puerto Rican man. As the police drove him away, the children waved to him, as saying goodbye.


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