Where I’m From



Based on the Poem by George Ella Lyon: http://www.georgeellalyon.com/where.html


Where I’m From

By Ian Mollenhauer

I am from TV,

From Rodeo and Britt Coffee.

I am from the bedroom upstairs

(entertaining, considerable,

feeling the hold in the floor)

I am from the Guanacaste,

robust, towering over me,

keeping me up.

Never to let me go.


I am from prayers and smiles,

from Diego and Judith.

I’m from the disciplined and the optimists.

From be responsible and family is important.

I’m from pray for us sinners and the rest

of the verses I’ve known for years.


I’m from San Jose and the Rodriguez,

Gallo Pinto and Hojaldres.

From the hobby of farming,

that turned into an elderly job.

The diabetic factor that disturbs my uncle.

In the albums, beneath the TV, with faces I’ve never seen,

places I’ve never been.


These hold our memories –

the wonderful, the rough, the pleasant, the sorrowful –

until we are all forgotten.


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