A Graphic for a Diary


Dear Diary,

Today I had started a new job. Since my Catholic high school costs lots of money, my dad told me that I needed to start working for money or else I would end up in a public school; bad.

My Aunt Lala appeared one day, right after Tito pushed me into an open fire hydrant. She said that I could get a job at a photo finishers. It was called Peter Pan Photo Finishers. I arrived and lied about my age, just like Aunt Lala told me to do. They accepted me and I started to work.

At Lunch, I was uncomfortable sitting with all of the other workers. I finished my food and went back to work. At break time, I saw other people come in, probably for the next shift.

Among them was an Oriental man. He was very nice and pretty eyes. He offered me friendship and if we could speak later. So I said OK. Then, he ended up asking for a birthday kiss. I don’t know if it actually was his birthday or he was just taking advantage of my innocence. I went in for a peck on the cheek but all of a sudden he grabs my face and kisses me on my lips.

I was very confused. I had never been kissed by a boy before, but this was a person I had just met. I finally understood why my mother was always telling me to be careful with who I hang out with and try to evade men who take advantage of my innocence. Like that man we encountered a while back (Lucy, Racheal and me) that was trying to use Racheal as an object he could manipulate.

I was insecure and it was a very awkward moment. I can’t believe I was so naive that I was manipulated into kissing a man I did not know anything about. I have to make sure never to be naive again or to fall into the kinds of traps that would turn me into a sexual object.

With Love,



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