Memoir Monday

images.jpg Siblings

Siblings. According to the dictionary, they are people born from the same parent. According to me, they are the people you look after and vice-versa. My sister is my sibling. We knew she was not going to be born till December. I was always praying for her to be born on Christmas so she would be given to my family as a “present.” She was born on the 21st. Even though I was disappointed, I was still happy. I went to visit her at the hospital once. She was cute, sleeping against my mom. I was always wondering what she was dreaming about,.

She came home on the 24th of December, 2012. I remember, vaguely, playing with my brother’s cars when I heard the garage door open. Even though I did not get my wished Nintendo 3DS for Christmas, I realized I got something better than that. A Sibling.

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