Slice of Life Thursday


Hair is unpredictable. One day it’s straight, the next, crazy. My hair is always changing. It’s short or long, curly or straight, and sometimes in between.

Last Night, I went to have a haircut. However, this time it was different, I usually go to the barber shop with my dad, but this time, I went with my mom. Whenever I went with my dad, he would tell them to cut my hair the way he thought looked nice, but it would turn out very short. I never liked that because I like it long but not too long. I have started to care about my image because I am coming of age and I feel like if I have messy hair, people will think like I am a messy person. But this time, since my mom was here, they cut it just like I wanted them to. They cut the curls that form at the back of my head, which I mostly hate, and they also kept some of my bangs long. I could say that I am now satisfied with my hair because it was cut to my expectations!

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  1. It is very good, strict, and to the point. It is something that I would want to talk more about. Like where do you go to get your hair done? Overall however, it is very good.


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