Revelation Sunday


The Book of Revelations

Today I have had revelations. Today, it was my first time to a Christian Church with my host family (since I am in LSU) and, since I am Catholic, I was nervous it was going to be very different to what I am used to.

To my surprise, it mostly felt familiar and I enjoyed it. During the event, they talked about The Book of Revelations which is one of the books that make up the Holy Bible. My revelation is that there are things in life that make me drift away from loving God, thus making me loving my family and friends less. The Book of Revelations makes that clear to us. By letting other things drift us away from God (like alcohol, drugs, etc.), it makes us stop loving each other. What happens if you drift too far from God or other people? Do things you did before to get yourself closer to them.

This revelation made me change my view of my religion and how being distracted by my video games can affect my life with God and other people.


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  1. whatcanib says:

    Thanks for the word; it is food for thought. I am glad that you got a message. My mother always says, “Pay attention to everything and the truth will reveal itself.” So here is to not drifting, but being still and observing, and learning, and growing.


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