Journal Entry #2 – TKAM

Image result for use of the n wordThere are many offensive terms that were used towards people with different skin colors. Many of them are were used before and during the Civil Rights Movements towards people of African American descent. The most used are/were “Colored”, “Negro”, “Nigger”, “Black”, “African-American”, and “Nigga”.

“Colored”, according to the dictionary, means to not come from white decent. This term was used a lot in between the making of the Jim Crow Laws, in 1877, and the Civil Rights Movement, in 1964. This term was used to differentiate the areas or objects African Americans were allowed to be in or use, such as 2 different types of water fountains for a person with “white” skin color and a person with “black” skin color. The “white” one would be better quality and more appealing than the “black” one. I think that this word was used to tell the races apart and to categorize them into superior and inferior groups.

“Negro” is a term that is used to identify people of African descent. This word, just like “colored”, was an offensive term used during the segregation period. It was also a word used all the way back to the slave trade during the 16th century. It was a word that White supremacists and slave owners used to identify the African Americans. It stopped being used after the Civil Rights Movement and it is now classified as offensive in the English language. I think that this word should never have been used. People should just call “Black” people African-American because they have African descent but are American, they should not be referred as “Negro”.

“Nigger” is a racial slur that is very offensive and is always sent towards African-Americans. The word originated from the word “Negro”, but “Nigger” is much more offensive. This word was most commonly used throughout the Segregation Period in the US but it is still used by white supremacists and by many rappers in their songs. In my opinion, this word, along with “Nigga”, is very offensive towards the “Black” race and it should never be used, not in word form or in song form.

“Nigga” is a term that is very offensive and it always sent to an African-American audience. It derives from the southern pronunciation of “Nigger” and was mostly used in the South. Like “Nigger”, it is sung by many rappers and said by many white supremacists to offend the African-American race. This word, along with “Nigger” is the most offensive word and I hate when I hear people referring to people like that.

“Black” is the word that is used to describe the African-American race. This term started to be used after “Nigger” and “Nigga” were deemed offensive. This is commonly used nowadays when talking about the African-American race. In my opinion, this word, along with “African-American”,  is the least offensive word and I would prefer to use these 2 terms instead of using more offensive terms.

“African-Americans” is a term used to describe people that have African descent or are descendants of the slaves during the slave trade. This term, like “Black”, was used after the Segregation period had ended in the US. This is also a word that is commonly used to talk about this descending race. Many famous idols are African-American. Morgan Freeman, Will Smith, and Barack Obama, just to name a few. This word, in my opinion, is the least offensive and, whenever you are talking about these people, you should only use this word.

This relates to TKAM because we can see in many cases of the book, that Scout in confronted in a situation that someone calls her or her family “nigger-lovers” and she is offended greatly by this. That is because, as her dad, Atticus, is teaching her and her brother, all men are created equal and that they should be respected. This is shown through how Atticus keeps telling Scout that he defending Tom Robinson, not because they are going to win, but because Tom deserves a jury, which the law was not giving him.


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